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Wishfairy Children's Clothing has been created by April Sedman, born out of a passion for quality garments, combined with a true love to see children dressed in beautiful handmade clothes.
April began sewing from the Age of 4 and was taught by her mother Nancy who really instilled in her the standards she works to today. Sewing is really in the whole family as Ronnie, April's father owned his own upholstery business in Darlington. Ronnie also turned his hand to making bespoke clothes, such as his Deerstalker hats. April made her 1st dress at the Age of 10 and has continued making her own clothes since, including her own wedding and bridesmaid dresses. 
With April's true gift for stunning clothes, combined with a commitment, to ensuring items of real quality, you can be assured that any little person is dressed for true enjoyment and of course pride...   
April currently resides in Leeming Bar, North Yorkshire
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